10 best phones in 2016

Mobile phones have become an essential part of everyday life. To some, it is like a part of the body. When Motorola researcher, Martin Cooper invented and made the first call on a mobile phone on April 3, 1973 he sure didn’t know it would become such a hit. In 44 years, Cooper’s invention has under gone remarkable evolution, turning the 1.1 kg, 23 cm long, 13 cm deep and 4.45 cm prototype to fashion compliant, slim multipurpose powerhouses. A must have for everyone. Cooper’s aim then was to have a device that could make telephone calls without having to deal with all the wires. That settled, the value of mobile phones is now judged based on things it could do apart from making calls. How long would the phone last on one charge? How large is the phone memory? Though slim, how much stress can the device withstand? How much would be paid for what quality? Overall, it’s a question of how personal can the phone become in every aspect. The year 2016 saw several improvements in phone technology and here are 10 of the best phones that were released that year.

LG G5.

Snapdragon 820, the G5 swipes better than most of the phones in its category. It comparable to the iPhone in this department. It is also one of the very few remaining mobile phones in which removable batteries are available. For users keen on wide angle photos, the G5 is a perfect solution.