Insta Keto Review - Pros & Cons Of Instant Keto

Nowadays more than 50 percent of the world’s population is struggling with obesity and excessive weight gain problems. There are various reasons that can cause excessive weight gain like-

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  • Genetics: it is generally observed that children of obese parents are very likely to end up being obese than the children of thin parents, hence we can say genetics have a great role to play in obesity. However, what you eat can affect your genes by determining which genes to express and which not.
  • Intake of junk foods: having an unhealthy diet full of junk and processed food is one of the major reasons for obesity. Unhealthy fats from junk food collect in your body over time and make you obese. While they are tasty and hard to resist people usually end up overeating them. Junk food can also cause food addiction; people often lose control over eating behavior, this is very similar to people who get addicted to alcohol and drugs.
  • Insulin: some of the studies suggest that high insulin levels can play a role in obesity. Many western diets cause insulin resistance in the body of a fat individual. This, in turn, increases the levels of insulin in their body, hence the energy is stored all in fat cells and is not there for use.
  • Some medicines: some pharmaceutical drugs may cause a gain in weight as their side effect. It is seen that medicines like antidepressants may lead to weight gain; they alter your body function that causes an increase in your appetite and reduces metabolic rate.
  • Leptin resistance: Leptin is a hormone that is produced by fat cells and blood levels of leptin increases with an increase in fat mass. Hence, levels of leptin are high in obese people.
  • Poor lifestyle: people nowadays have really unhealthy lifestyle; they don’t have time for any physical activity and on top of that they keep on having junk food. Moreover, they have a really damaged routine which causes a really adverse effect on their health often leading to obesity.

How can we lose weight?

Many people want to lose weight but it doesn’t seem to be easy for them; they aren’t sure how to do it safely pus naturally without medications or surgeries. There are a variety of methods one can opt in order to lose weight like-

Keeping healthy snacks around you: this will keep you away from choosing convenient but unhealthy snacks.

Stay hydrated: it is said that water can be a solution to all your problems. Water helps in increasing your metabolism. Moreover, drinking water before your meals can reduce the amount of food that you take.

Involve in more and more physical activities: cardio exercises like running, walking or cycling helps in burning calories quickly. Moreover, resistance training also helps in weight loss by building lean muscle mass.