Showbox App For PC Windows 7/8/10 - Download Guide

These days the trend of watching TV shows on the phone or the laptop and PC has increased mainly because there are a lot of TV shows that are not aired in every corner of the world. So in such a situation, people use the mobile streaming applications like Netflix and amazon prime. Watch TV Shows Online Free Most of the online streaming sites like Netflix, amazon prime, and Hotstar are chargeable and demand a subscription fee for viewing the latest TV shows and movies which is not feasible for everyone. Showbox is one such app that streams the latest TV shows and movies without taking a single penny. It has all the latest television shows from all around the world and all the latest movies.

Features of Showbox Apk:

Showbox For PC

  • High-quality streaming of videos as everything is streamed on HD so it looks like you are watching the episode or movie or the TV screen itself.
  • Free of cost, this is another attractive feature.
  • The content, it has all the latest shows and movies, some of which have just released or launched.

Is it safe to use Showbox?

One thing that the users should be aware of before installing Showbox is that it is not there in the Google play store, so one has to download the apk file for Showbox that is available online. Once the apk file is downloaded then it can be further installed on the smartphone devices. So, yes it is safe to use Showbox, there is no harm whatsoever caused by installing the apk file on the device. After installing the file some warnings can pop up but they can be easily disabled.

How does the Showbox APK file work?

  • Download the APK file from a trusted website.
  • Then change your phone settings to install applications from unknown sources.
  • After this, you can go ahead and install the apk file

Which TV shows to see on Showbox?

Showbox has all the latest serials like the game of thrones, big little lies, orange is the new black, a house of cards, 13 reasons why strange things and many more. Showbox for PC Download So you can watch all the latest episodes of your favorite shows for free on Showbox.


  • The vast variety of content to view, you can find almost every show and movie you can think of, while with other apps you don’t really find a lot of content and the latest ones hardly can be found on such apps.
  • Hassle free log in, no need of putting in your credit or debit details. Everything can be viewed for free which is not the case with the other applications.


  • One big turn off about the showbox app is that it has a lot of advertisements which cause a lot of hindrance while the streaming of content.
  • It is mainly an app for mobile phones, so it doesn’t work on TV or on PC properly, but they are trying to improve it and are trying to fix the bugs with the latest updates.

Undoubtedly, Showbox makes streaming and viewing of latest movies and shows easy.